Step Sheets from Summer 2010 Classes and Public Events

Tuesdays at Reach

August 3, 2010:

   Hello Dolly (chor. Lorraine Kurtella)

July 27, 2010:

    Ghost Train (chor. Kathy Hunyadi)

July 20, 2010:

    Jo n Jo Tango (chor. Jo Thompson)

July 13, 2010:

    Irish Stew (chor. Lois Lightfoot)

July 6, 2010:

   Alley Cat (chor. Donna Aiken)   

    Tush Push (chor. James Farrazzano)

   Wild West Boogie (chor. Chris Hookie)

Chili Cook-Off Sheets

Step Sheets and photos from The City of Palo Alto’s 29th Annual Summer Festival and Chili Cook-off, July 4, 2010, in Palo Alto.

Step Sheets From Summer 2010 Classes:

Thursdays at Lucie Stern

August 12, 2010:

    Tush Push (chor. Jim Farrazzino)

    Bochephus (chor. Unknown)

    Jole Blon (chor. Hedy McAdams)

August 5, 2010:

   Hello Dolly (chor. Lorraine Kurtella)

    Sweet Sweet Smile (chor. Scott & Two-Step)

    Jo n Jo Tango (chor. Jo Thompson)

July 29, 2010:

   Waltz Across Texas (chor. Lois Nelson)

    Mama’s Lil Baby (chor. Charlotte Skeeters

    Fortune Foxtrot (chor. Jo Thompson)   

July 22, 2010:

   Flying Eights (chor. unknown)

    Hello Dolly (chor. Lorraine Kurtella)

    Simpler Times (chor. Neil Hale)

July 15, 2010:

   Texas Cha Cha (chor. unknown)

    Zydeco Lady (chor. Chris Hookie)

    Prancing Pony (chor. Neil Hale)

July 8, 2010:      

   Rum & Coca Cola (chor. Hedy McAdams)

    Good Time (chor. Jenny Crain)

    Power Surge (chor. Stephen Sunter

July 1, 2010:      

   Alley Cat (chor. Donna Aiken)   

    Rodeo Blues (chor. Kate Sala)

    Irish Stew (chor. Lois Lightfoot)

    Quando When Quando (chor. Vera Fisher)

    Baby Love (chor. Charlotte Marcani)

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