Step Sheets and Credits:

Demo Dance:    Lemon Tree, Choreographer Kim Ray (click dance names for step sheets)

Many thanks to the choreographer and the official 2010 Chili Cook-off Demo Team:

    Annie Liberman, Barbara Bonini, Bill Witscher, Carol Bacchetti, Chuck Bonini

    Jeanette Arakawa, Jim Soland, Joyce Davidson, Karen Damian, Katy Mast,

    Marianne Problenz, Marianne Witscher, Rena Davidow, Ruth Letts, Sally Karst,

    Susan Petit, and Tammy Snyder.

Dances taught:    MammaMaria, Choreographer Frank Trace

                                AintGoinNowhere, Choreographer Lori Wong

    Many thanks to the choreographers and spotters:

    Barbara Bonini, Joyce Davidson, Katy Mast, and Tammy Snyder.

   Many thanks to photographer Karen Neier

    Videos to follow.

    If you have any photos or videos from this event,

    Please contact Contact Hedy (

Videos:   click here

Step Sheets and photos from The City of Palo Alto’s 29th Annual Summer Festival and Chili Cook-off, July 4, 2010, in Palo Alto.

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Palo Alto Chili Cook-off ~ 2010