Dancers (line dancers in particular), compared with other athletes:

1. Get more from their workouts ...

•    Have the best muscular-skeletal functioning

•    Have sharper, healthier, stronger, brains

•    Have strong (and shapely!) legs (and, therefore, stay independent longer)

•    Have great focus

•    Have less Alzeimers & dementia

•    Exercise more safely

•    Have stronger hearts

2. Are better at sticking to their programs ...

•    Rarely, if ever, whine or complain about dancing

•    Are inspired to “practice” and achieve and keep up with their dance buddies

•    Can’t stand to sit still

•    Anticipate pleasure, not pain or boredom

•    Are not into delayed gratification

3. Are happier

•    Have the best social opportunities, and don't need a partner!

•    Over-indulge in “kinesthetic” candy

•    Like to ham it up

•    Laugh at themselves and each other a lot

•    Are less depressed

•    Live longer (or at least look great as they age)

•    Have easier life transitions

•    Have countless opportunities to notice accomplishment

•    Save heaps of money

The benefits of dance compared to other fitness activities,

by Hedy McAdams

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Dance vs. “Exercise”